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A Tasty Menu opened in September 2007 and is currently the only restaurant in Calgary serving 100% guaranteed gluten free meals


We work very hard at ensuring that our dining experience is one filled with immense fun, great food and good company!

We make our own buns, pizza crusts, burgers, desserts and soups and have researched all of the products we bring in (eg. shredded cheese, cold meats) to make sure that there is no chance of contamination during the manufacturing process.


Most of our staff are either celiac, or have friends and family who are celiac, and are well educated on the particular needs and difficulties faced by diners who have dietary restrictions.



Our restaurant is family friendly with a special children’s menu, coloring books, toys and always a dessert for little ones! 


A Tasty Menu is also community-minded.  We are glad to be able to work with the Calgary Food Bank, providing food for those who are in a position or location that makes it difficult for them to access gluten free products.


We have also consulted with several dieticians, analyzing our menu items to provide a nutritional breakdown especially helpful to diabetics.

Other Allergens and Food Preferences


We do offer dairy free (soy), casein free and egg free options for our buns and pizza crusts and we always have a small number prepared and in stock. If you are planning on coming in and require dairy free, casein free or egg free food, we encourage you to give us a call to make sure that we have product ready to serve. We would hate to disappoint you!


We are also able to accommodate vegetarian preferences with our selection of salads, soups, vegetable curry and fresh toppings for pizzas. 


Please note that we are not a nut free restaurant. Though we will do our best to accommodate individuals with nut allergies, we cannot guarantee a 100% nut free food preparation area.

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